We are yoga teachers, guides and travel specialists and we love all three. We travel a lot, always with a yoga mat on our backs.

Your Yoga Guides

Since 2014, our yoga guides have been taught by Ruth White, who learnt directly under Iyengar. She has taught them how to love and teach yoga to anyone. They bring a unique style to their classes that unites pupil and teacher in an atmosphere of happiness and well-being, and which enables people to see through their limitations, achieve their full potential and experience a sense of freedom. The yoga that is taught on these yoga retreats is mostly a modified Iyengar yoga with a small mix of Hatha and Yin yoga.  


Growing up the only girl alongside three brothers, Fiona became fiercely independent at an early age. She quickly took to travel, living all around the world before settling in Peru. There she learned all about tourism and fell in love with yoga.

Having danced competitively until she was 14, she found her body remembered those same shapes and movements when she discovered yoga later in life. Under the teaching of Ruth White (Iyengar), Tanya Wilkes (Iyengar) and Gem Maryan (Yin), she has learned the intricacies of the postures and the discipline that comes with them. She is an accomplished teacher and loves seeing her students fall in love with the practice.

Fiona has many years of experience with tourism, guiding and tour leading. She has a keen eye for great hotels and unique experiences, which is what makes our luxury yoga retreats so diverse. She is qualified in Reiki 2, and is currently studying for her advanced yoga teacher certificate.

When Fiona is not off exploring, she resides in Glasgow.

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Armando has always been interested in sports, the outdoors and nature.  His mother is an experienced herbalist: she raised him to share her knowledge of sacred plants and herbs, and gave him direction throughout his early life.

He took up yoga at 36. It just made sense to him, and he brought to it his unique view on the body and how it moves. For the past five years, Ruth White has been his teacher and guru. A natural traveller, Armando loves the beaches of Thailand and the mountains of Scotland each the same. His love for life and adventure have helped create these fabulous yoga retreats.

On your voyage, Armando will be there to support you and show you the wonders of our magical destinations. He is a qualified guide, having been to Machu Picchu hundreds of times, and his expertise will help you get the most out of your journey.

Armando has travelled across the world, and lived in Peru for many years. He currently resides in Glasgow.