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Yin Yoga Training

We are currently studying to become yin yoga teachers. Its a 50 hour course which involves a lot of yoga and anatomy and also homework. An interesting indepth look at Yin Yoga.
Life Changes Life has changed in so many ways for everyone. We are  teaching a lot more yoga and also doing a few more classes which is lovely, the amount of exercise I am doing…

Yoga Classes

Yoga has become even more important now as we search for some calm in these times of distress. We have free classes available, contact us.
Yoga Classes I did mention that I was thinking about doing some free classes, I have started. If you would like to be signed up please contact us. …

Yoga in Strange Times

Importance of yoga in the times of corona virus
Strange Times In these strange times yoga has been given an even bigger place in my life. I have removed a social media app from my phone as it was causing a certain amount of…