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Yin Yoga, walking and Troon

Yin yoga has been high on the priority list, learning more. Yin is in.
November It feels like it has been a long month. We booked flights to Ecuador for the 4th of December and promptly had to cancel them due to travel restrictions in Scotland…

Yoga around the world part 2

We had a personal yoga retreat for 4 weeks in Athens and on the Greek Islands. Yoga everyday.
Yoga in Greece Kalispera. We have continued our yoga, travel and eating journey around Greece for the last 2 weeks. We had a lovely home yoga retreat on the island of Chios…

Yoga Classes

Yoga has become even more important now as we search for some calm in these times of distress. We have free classes available, contact us.
Yoga Classes I did mention that I was thinking about doing some free classes, I have started. If you would like to be signed up please contact us. …