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Why you should join our Yoga Retreat in Peru

Fiona shares her history with Peru, and all the reasons it holds a special place in her heart
You should join us on our next Peru yoga retreat, and here’s why As you may have seen, our luxury 7 day Peru retreat has been moved as Covid restrictions have made March too…

A Happy New Year

Our travels in America come to an end along with 2021, with adventures in Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.
Hogmanay in America Happy New Year to one and all! May it be a wonderful one with much love, health and magic.  Our trip to the States has been very different from others we’ve…

America, and travelling internationally again

Making the trip across the pond, we take a tour around the USA. Exploring Boston and New York, and seeing old friends.
America Bound It’s been a funny time, getting ready to travel again: sorting out PCR tests, trying to organise my gluten free meal on the plane, having to pack for a number of…