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Yoga retreat in Scotland

Our latest blog includes our visit to a Scottish castle home of our Scottish Yoga retreat
Moving We have moved and are now installed in Troon which is a small seaside town on the West Coast of Scotland about 45 minutes from Glasgow. We took a few days off just to…

Swans on the Clyde

As part of our couch to 5k running we recently spotted a swan nest on the River Clyde. Its been lovely to watch the progress.
Time Standing Still In many ways it feels like time has stood still. I have got myself into a routine which feels as if it doesn't change much week to week. I am busy most days…

Yin Yoga Training

We are currently studying to become yin yoga teachers. Its a 50 hour course which involves a lot of yoga and anatomy and also homework. An interesting indepth look at Yin Yoga.
Life Changes Life has changed in so many ways for everyone. We are  teaching a lot more yoga and also doing a few more classes which is lovely, the amount of exercise I am doing…

Yoga in Strange Times

Importance of yoga in the times of corona virus
Strange Times In these strange times yoga has been given an even bigger place in my life. I have removed a social media app from my phone as it was causing a certain amount of…

The 8 limbs of yoga

Yoga practice has 8 different limbs, the yoga postures are only part. This is a short explanation of all 8 limbs of yoga. We are here to help if you have any questions.
Breathing I have been practicing yoga for around 18 years now. It came to me when I was living in Peru. A dear friend was a yoga instructor and she started off by giving classes…

Welcome to Blu Kite Yoga

Visit our luxury seven night yoga retreats in Peru, Scotland and Thailand. Ask us about tailor made yoga retreats too.
Welcome Our blog is to tell you a little bit more about us, as websites can be quite factual and reasonably rigid as there is a certain amount of information to get across.…