Christmas Dinner and Tenerife

We had an early Christmas dinner in Troon before heading to Tenerife.


Christmas Dinner and travel to Tenerife

We like many trundled through the beginning of December not knowing what tier we were in just noticing that cafes are sometimes open and sometimes not. We had been looking at options of where to go. At the time a travel corridor between the UK and the Canary islands was available as was the opportunity of looking for a different type of yoga retreat compared to our other offerings. We booked a flight out of Prestwick airport to Tenerife South Airport.

PCR tests for travelling

It is quite a rigmarole to travel nowadays. We ordered some home PCR covid tests prior to travelling with everything done on a timeline. First change was the week before we travelled they changed the travel corridor so now we have to quarantine when we get back, which we were already expecting.
The major part of the plan all happened very last minute. Wednesday 7am we took our PCR tests, this involves a swab down throat and then up nose before packing the kit up properly to be returned to the lab. Armando taught yoga as I drove to Glasgow to leave the samples, in and out of Glasgow quickly as we had Christmas dinner that day too.

Christmas Dinner and QR codes

Christmas dinner was great, we had ceviche and turkey and of course hot chocolate and paneton, was super delicious and fun too, just the 3 of us. Been a long time since I have made a turkey dinner and even longer since I made a hat.
Thursday morning I had to fill out the information for the Spanish government so I could get our QR codes which you need to travel, you need address of your first night, passport details etc, they send you the QR code immediately. We then received an email 1530 the Thursday to say the PCR test had been received and was being processed at the lab. While all this was going on we also managed a lovely walk with friends along Troon beach, felt wonderful. We both taught yoga class.
Friday morning woke up and yippee we have negative test results so its go go go. The results arrivied by email at 1.30am for those interested. We had a yin yoga class in the morning and then leave for the airport, my Dad gave us a lift as he has been kindly letting us stay in his home.

Airport travel

Prestwick airport was like a ghost town, no cafes or shops just a few vending machines and the coffee one sadly didn't work. This is where our QR code was checked. I also had to send a copy of our PCR covid test to the landlady of our rental.
The flight was fine, I was happy I had downloaded a movie. On arrival to Tenerife, there were plenty of security and staff as well as police to direct people to the correct place as you head through some cameras that take your temperature. Nobody asked for our negative PCR tests although I did see someone in the airport being asked for theirs.
As you can read it is relatively easy to travel for work you just need to be organised.
We took a taxi to our apartment, first night and all but we have since got into the habit of either walking or taking the bus now we are close to everything. Our first 2 nights were in a small town/village called Las Eras slightly north of South Tenerife airport, was fine just to get a bit of an idea of what is around.

Las Vistas, Cristianos and Camison

We have since found an apartment in Los Cristianos which is on the South Coast. It is quiet, curfew means everyone at home from 10pm to 6am and there are not that many people around.
The beaches here are incredible, just beside us we have 3 different beaches. Los Cristianos which is where the main pier is too so you have all the big ferries and small fishing boats coming in and out of here. We also have Las Vistas which is one of the most organised beaches I have ever seen and El Camison just along from that.

Playa del Camison, Tenerife.jpg

There are restrooms both ends of Las Vistas beach, accessible ones too, showers and foot showers, bins, volleyball, life guards, a large area with shade which allows wheelchairs and prams to get onto the beach, lots of wooden walk ways. The beach is cleaned every morning, the sand is gorgeous and people are running / walking along the promenade, doing yoga, tai chi etc on the beach. It is quite the place. I imagine in the height of summer it could be very different.

Living the Dream

I am enjoying being back on my couch to 5k although not really following the programme as much this time, and running every day instead of every few days, makes sense. Did 10 solid minutes along the beach then interval runs and yoga on the return. I have been enjoying my personal yoga practice a lot.

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