Home Yoga Retreat

We have been running a five day yoga retreat online. Our participants have spent many hours on their mats this week, I hope in a luxury online yoga retreat.


Home Yoga Retreat

Its been an excellent week as we ran our first home yoga retreat. The week began with a short talk on where yoga comes from and what we are going to learn over the week. We discussed the different bandhas (locks) that we used, breathing, posture, meditation.


We all had different things we wanted to gain from the week. More tone, strength, detox, mind space and a higher level of fitness were just some of the goals. The general outcome being that we all got what we wanted from it.


Our first class of 90 minutes started with hip openers and forward bends, leading to our alternate nostril breathing and a 20-minute meditation. As we are unable to participate in standings when doing pranayama we pass all the standing asanas to the evening class. It has been a wonderful week of discovery with a 90-minute class and a one hour class every day.

Class Schedule

Throughout the week we took beginners and intermediates on a journey of discovery in yoga and yoga practice. We focused on different postures, one day we worked on our backbends another day standing postures, we worked on twists, lots of focus on our core strength with leg lifts and setubanda. We also had a short class on Sun Salutations and we will be bringing them into our general class more and more.oie_20124857uFvnxasI.jpg

Free Class

We are still running our free class on a Monday evening 6pm UK time for those that would like to participate. Just get in touch and we will add you to the mailing list. All donations are going to Glasgow Women's Aid, please donate directly here https://www.justgiving.com/glasgowwomensaid
We are planning to increase the number of free classes that we give during the week and you can also contact us if you would like to have a private class (payable). We have a number of slots available.

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