La Gomera, Manchester and Troon

We have travelled to La Gomera, Manchester and Troon over the last month, having a few adventures on the way


Heading to La Gomera

It seems such a long time since we left La Palma, I guess that is because we have been busy in so many different ways. We departed La Palma to La Gomera in a very early morning ferry at around 4am, as hadn’t organised a hire car we had to hang around the port for a couple of hours to organise a hire car, it’s a good idea to do this in advance to get the best deals and availability. We did get a small car for 120 euros for the month.

We departed the pier and started driving over the island, although not a massive distance it took us about an hour to get to Valle del Rey from San Sebastian (the port town). The drive is very windy, curving up and down the mountain and the route is one you follow frequently as there are very few main roads on the island. You travel through beautiful forests of Laurel to traverse the island.

Garajonay Hike view of El Teide

As we only had a week we planned our time in advance and really saw a lot of the island. We visited San Sebastian the main town which is lovely and has a couple of distinct little museums. The one we really enjoyed was the Casa de Colon which has some of the finest specimens of Moche (Peru) pottery that we have seen. The museum is small but well kept. You can also visit the Archaeology museum which is also small but very interesting. We also spent time on the beach and had a picnic lunch outside the Torre del Conde which was closed due to Covid.

We did a couple of hikes the first was a very short but incredibly steep hike to La Fortaleza De Chipude (Chipude Fort). I am not the best at heights (although not terrible either) and once I had arrived as close to the top as I could I hung on to a rock (literally) getting my breath back before coming down a fair amount of it on my bottom. It is steep and the terrain difficult. Not recommended for children or anyone with vertigo. On a clear day you get stunning views.

La Gomera is mostly known for hiking and for a small island has more than 500kms of hiking trails which cover all types of routes. As we had a limited amount of time we decided on the Garajonay Circular Route, 16kms with an altitude change of 800 metres (2,400 feet) each way. Some bits are very badly signposted (on La Palma also) and we did 20kms in total and hitchhiked one bit too. It was truly spectacular views of volcanoes, giant dandelion and heather plants. The area feels very prehistoric. It is truly stunning.

Valle Gran Rey


We also visited the beaches at Valle Del Gran Rey, on the right of the townb a lovely beach with lots of little cafes and bars, nice sand and the water temperature was pleasant. On the left the more touristy beach with hotels had a lovely pool that you could swim, snorkel and enjoy. We were there on a particularly stormy day for the sea and we could still swim which was wonderful.

Villa Perenquen

After departing La Gomera we headed to Tenerife and El Perenquen which is a beautiful yoga studio and houses in the middle of a banana plantation just a few minutes from the sea. We spent three glorious days here doing yoga, snorkelling and swimming. We also took advantage to visit the first Michelin star restaurant we have ever visited the Rincon de Juan Carlos. We spent the evening eating an eleven course tasting menu and drinking a lovely white wine from El Hierro. It was a wonderful experience.

villa perenquen yoga

When we left Tenerife we headed back to the UK with all the correct documentation on hand, it was quite a palava to get everything organised, accommodation, multiple different covid tests, flights, train journeys and a 10 day quarantine, it was worth it as we had the pleasure of over 3 months in The Canary islands over a lockdown winter.

Manchester was more yoga as we were unable to get out and the place we stayed in had a great floor and wall meaning we could do plenty of yoga before we headed back to Scotland where we now are.

We have since moved from Troon and taken jobs for the summer in a beautiful hotel in Arduaine that has views over the islands of Scotland, it is truly stunning and the job a new experience. We will continue to do yoga classes but less frequently for the moment as we have to work around an ever changing work schedule. We decided as we can’t travel so freely it was best to get jobs and spend 6 months in Scotland, travelling around the islands on our days off before we make the next plan.

 Arduaine Gardens at loch Melfort

We continue to teach Iyengar yoga and yin yoga. If you are interested in one or more of our yoga classes let us know.  We also teach private yoga classes which can be traditional yoga or yin yoga, whatever you prefer and of course you can also sign up for a yoga retreat just have a look at our website and we now have our Tenerife yoga retreat live here 

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