Magic, Yoga, and more

More exploring around Scotland as we near the end of our time at Loch Melfort. Trips around Oban, Kerrera, Inveraray, and Kilmartin Glen, and getting back to yoga.


Magic in Scotland

The month began a week into The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. It’s the 2nd time that I have read and completed the 28 day programme and it was definitely a deeper experience this time. You can learn more about The Magic on one of our retreats where we will begin the programme. 


We have mostly been around Argyll and Bute, and it’s been fascinating and fun. We visited McCaig’s Tower which stands over Oban. Built in 1897 the tower was originally planned to house a museum and art gallery but upon the death of John Stuart McCaig (the architect and philanthropist) the building was abandoned. All that remained was the outer walls, and you can visit them by walking from the promenade or by car. 

We followed our visit to the tower with dinner at Etive, a small local restaurant in Oban that offers an excellent tasting menu. With seafood, venison and incredible desserts, the beauty and taste of the food was incredible. 

Etive (2).jpg

A day trip saw us meeting a friend and going for a hike around the island of Kerrera which is reached by a 5 minute ferry ride from just outside of Oban. The hike itself is undulating but very straight forward, taking you through heather fields, cliff tops, castles and a delightful coffee shop. We walked the 8 miles / 12kms in around 4 hours, stopping to take in the landscape, eat cake and visit Gylen Castle which dates back from 1582. We were blessed with fabulous weather and company. 

Looking to increase our knowledge of the local area, a visit to Inveraray was on the cards, as well as a visit to the jail which is one of the main tourist attractions nearby. In addition we stopped off at Crarae Gardens for a walk. With the Himalayan pathway, rhododendrons and possibilities of seeing otters it's worth a visit, and one of 20 gardens in the area. 


Kilmartin Glen is well known for being full of archaeological sites, so we spent a rainy day visiting burial cairns, standing stones, a fort and Carnasserie Castle. Dunadd Fort’s history goes back over 2,000 years, and the sites are all well sign-posted with information about their past. They also have excellent parking facilities. 


The World Reopens

We continue working hard on Blu Kite Yoga with plenty of assistance. We have been awarded a Digital Boost grant and are receiving lots of assistance with web/social media and analytics. We have also grown as a company, with now 2 employees to assist us in putting this plan together. Both are working in office based roles which is what we need to get the word out as travel starts to open again. 

On that note, travel is becoming easier, with only green and red lists now being used. That means less expense on tests as you travel and fewer countries that require the full government quarantine. Currently you can return from green countries if double vaccinated by filling out a passenger locator form and organising a Day 2 test for your return. With the restrictions easing and the end of the season coming, we plan to visit Germany soon and look forward to seeing family and friends across the world. 

Farewell to Melfort

Our time at Loch Melfort is also coming to an end, with 22 days left and counting. It’s been quite an experience, and it was so nice to get to know an area of Scotland that we had never explored before. We are also looking forward to getting back to working in our field of yoga, travel and meditation. 

Swimming has been off the menu for the last month. The temperature fell quite suddenly, and I haven’t braved the cold. Instead I am doing more yoga, which is lovely and so good for me. Halasana has become my number one posture as I have incredibly tight calves and hamstrings and this is really helping to loosen them up. It's amazing how our bodies change so much depending on what we are doing. It’s also lovely to be doing Ruth White’s class once a week, albeit over Zoom.

We did eventually make it to Iona. What a place, we were really delighted by the whole place and the Abbey is peaceful and beautiful. I imagine earlier in the year it makes for a fabulous day trip to visit the puffins, Fingal’s Cave and the island itself. 

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