Swans on the Clyde

As part of our couch to 5k running we recently spotted a swan nest on the River Clyde. Its been lovely to watch the progress.


Time Standing Still

In many ways it feels like time has stood still. I have got myself into a routine which feels as if it doesn't change much week to week. I am busy most days and have to be up early to teach which is fabulous. My weekend is on a Sunday and a Monday and then I teach on a Monday evening.

Keep running

I am still plodding along with my couch to 5k and have started going in the opposite direction from the house. I had a most lovely surprise at the weekend as I was on my way back home and checking out the swans I often see and noticed this time a massive nest and about 7 eggs, it took my breath away, I was so excited.


Did you know a group of swans is called a bevy of swans. Funny as a bevy in Scotland is an alcoholic beverage.

They can weigh upwards of 15 kilos, they have a wingspan of over 3metres (10 foot) and they also mate for life although divorce is possible it's not that frequent. I went past them again today, just to check in. Will be running that way more frequently just to keep an eye on them.

Yoga Student

Saturday mornings I have been attending one of my old classes from down in Oxfordshire which is lovely. I find it exhilarating being taught by different teachers and learning different postures and ways of doing things, its always inspiring. I also love participating in savasana and as I can have lower back issues always lie down with my legs up, lets my back rest more.


Free yoga classes

Our charity yoga classes in Glasgow are going great and people are really enjoying them and starting to feel a change in their strength and flexibility and see a difference in their physical appearance. They are also finding the classes provide a bit of calm and routine in what is quite a stormy time.

All proceeds are going direct to Glasgow Women’s Aid and if you would like to participate just send us an email. 

Have a lovely week everyone and please do get in touch with us if you want to discuss anything yoga related or otherwise. Remember we have some lovely yoga retreats available including a yoga retreat in Scotland as I don’t think we will be going too far this year.


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