A Time for Change

We are changing lots, new house, more travel, new luxury yoga retreat in Scotland.


A time of change

There are many changes in the air for us at the moment. I decided to leave my full time sales career to focus my time and energy on yoga classes and yoga retreats. That's probably the biggest change but that has brought many other changes. We are leaving Glasgow, destination a little unknown. We are going to visit Greece very shortly and also visit the South of England, visiting friends and going to a yoga retreat ourselves. If you want more info about us do follow us on our social media sites or tune in to our blog.
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We have completed the paperwork for our luxury Peru yoga retreat in March 2021 and we are currently looking at a castle for our next luxury yoga retreat in Scotland September 2021, watch this space.

Yin Yoga Training

We finished our Yin yoga training which was excellent, we gained a very indepth education into the practice of Yin Yoga and have begun teaching classes focusing more on the meridian lines. It has been an excellent experience and we have added to our knowledge across a range of subjects through the 50 hour course.

Our Yoga Journey

Over the last few months our yoga has changed and improved a lot, I feel a lot more flexible and stronger since lockdown began. We have had time and space to focus on ourselves. We have walked miles and miles over the last few months and gotten to know Glasgow well. We have also cycled and found ourselves in some interesting places around the city. Did you know there is a free outdoor bouldering park in Glasgow.

Travelling again 

We also had the opportunity on the 3rd of July to travel a bit, we had a plan to go to Arran but there were no ferries available so went to Bute and stayed in Rothesay. As it only takes about 90 minutes to get there from Glasgow its an excellent escape from the city. We did a couple of excellent walks, Balnakeilly Loop in the North of the island which is a forest hike and the Kilchattan Bay Loop out past the lighthouse and Glen Callum Bay in the South, a much more rugged hike around the coast past the 12th century St Blane's Church. Both very different but excellent. We also visited Scalpsie Bay to look for seals, another wonderful morning out.

Further travel plans

We want to help you have a fabulous trip in the countries you visit. After your yoga retreat (or before) we can help you with information about independent travel in the country you are visiting, adding to your experience. We know the places to go as the countries we offer to you are ones we know well, including lots of Off the Beaten Path locations. Our social media is a good place to start.

It's a very exciting future for our yoga retreats and our business. The last few months of consistent yoga both attending class and teaching has been wonderful as has visiting our city. 


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