Travels in Scotland Continue

We continue our travels around Scotland, testing the food and of course the water while visiting places like Kinlochleven, Oban and Troon.


Rain, running and swimming

It’s raining quite heavily today and we have a day off, so I am planning to take it easy. We’ve been running about quite a bit both north and south recently without a break, and between trips we’ve been very focussed on exercise. I have been back on my couch to 5k, and now at week 6 I am managing about 4k in total. I have also been swimming in the loch, although I am using the word ‘swim’ very loosely. I have only managed a few strokes, so it’s  more about immersion at the moment.

The beach at Loch Melfort 

Both hobbies bring something different to my life. The running is solitary, tough (its uphill), exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable. I put my tunes on and off I pop. Sometimes I get lucky and see deer, and on one outing I caught sight of a very large bird of prey. I also marvel at the changing colours along the route, and the variety the landscape has to offer. I have been told of another route recently, and I look forward to trying it on my next run. 

Coming out of the sea.jpg

The ‘swimming’ (or rather, dipping myself in the sea) is really great as well. I go with a colleague, and we chat while we wander around the seaweed looking at jellyfish and seeing how long we can keep our heads under the surface. There are oystercatchers in the air and crabs scuttling underfoot, and one day I got really lucky and saw an otter. There’s a great deal to love. It’s an exciting hobby, and I love the feeling of terror just before I go in, when I think I am going to freeze. I then remember my 20 seconds of courage (thank you “We Bought a Zoo”) and in I go. It reminds me of my amazing experience venturing into the sea in Antarctica. 

Yoga Classes

Armando has continued to teach private yoga classes throughout our stay here, and I am still hopeful that I can start a once a week class soon. It is so much easier now we have a decent wifi signal and a space to teach in, so watch this space. I’ll keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram. 

On the business end, we are working hard and have been awarded 2 Kick Start employees via the government scheme. One has started and we are still looking for an administrator. The places are for young people aged 16 to 24 currently receiving Universal Credit, and offer a 6 month contract with possibilities of a full time career for the right candidates.  If you or someone you know is interested, please Contact us   for more information. We are keen to fill these posts as soon as possible, and any recommendations are more than welcome. 

We have been getting out and about as always although this month mostly to the south, heading to Glasgow and Troon and spending a little bit of time in Kinlochleven. Having 2 days off a week definitely makes a difference when it comes to getting around and we make it into Arduaine Gardens frequently. 

The Gardens at Arduaine

Food in Scotland

Another of our favourite activities at the moment is eating out in restaurants. Considering that we are currently in the seafood capital of Scotland, I think it would be rude not to. We have ventured into a few places in and around Oban although the only one we feel is worth writing about so far is Ee-usk, a seafood restaurant on the waterfront. We had some delicious mussels, sea bass and monkfish. Further afield the Seafood Restaurant on Loch Leven is consistently good with scallops, oysters and a whole lot more. It sits right on the banks of the loch, and you can sail right up to it. 

Tenerife Yoga Retreat

As Tenerife is down to Amber now you are no longer required to get a PCR or other test to enter there or and the Canary Islands, so this might be a good time to consider booking up our November yoga retreat: Tenerife Yoga Retreat

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be updating you about our new 12 day Thailand Retreat, which covers 5 different places in the country including a 5 star private beach stay. We’ll be offering trips in March 2022 and March 2023. Unlike our other yoga retreats this one will also have a focus on meditation and mindfulness, setting you up with some valuable skills to help you throughout your life. You will leave a brand new person, having made friends, meditated, exercised, and visited temples, waterfalls, lotus lakes, beaches and much more. 

You can always get a hold of us here:  This is where you can ask us questions about yoga classes or anything else you need to know. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram and join our daily adventures. 

Our Facebook is here and our Instagram here. Come visit, we love to hear from you. 

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