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Fiona discusses all her favourite things about Thailand, and what you can expect when you join our retreat.



You should join our next Thailand yoga retreat, and here's why

My love of Thailand comes from a number of trips over the last 25 years. During my first visit, I booked a 5 star hotel in Bangkok for 10 days, and during that time I took a short flight to the island of Ko Samui. It was my first time on a true tropical island, and I fell in love. I went snorkelling for the first time, and ate at some of the area’s best restaurants. Thailand is full of such beautiful discoveries. I wanted to return to the country again and again, and when my best friend moved there from Peru I found my excuse. Since then, I have visited Thailand consistently every couple of years. Each time I have been I have travelled across the country, getting to know different areas; beaches, hills, islands, famous landmarks and hidden gems alike. The only thing I love more than exploring Thailand is getting to share my discoveries, so today I thought I’d describe some of the reasons you should join us on our next retreat.

Thailand is one of the wellness centres of the world. If you want to experience their famous massage skills, you’ll find a parlour on every street. They’re not just for tourists either: in Thailand almost everyone enjoys sessions regularly. A one hour massage will set you back around £8 / $10, and you can normally choose from several different styles to find what works for you. If you’re unsure, try a 2 hour one and see how you feel afterwards, the results speak for themselves. Thai massage feels like an entire yoga class by itself in the way every part of your body is worked out. I have found a daily massage benefits me immeasurably, both physically and mentally.


The weather in Thailand is wonderful. The warmth and humidity allow your body to move more freely, and you’ll find that has a major knock on effect on the trip as a whole. The temperature sits above 30 C in most places, and the heat is lovely for yoga. When it does rain in Thailand it comes as a welcome change, and it's incredibly relaxing to weather the storm and watch the monumental downpour from within our comfortable yoga studio.

The glorious weather naturally leads us onto the beaches. Some of my favourite beaches in the world are in Thailand, and I love doing yoga down by the shore or on my little balcony overlooking the water. There is something about settling yourself into the warm sand to try out some new postures that is incredibly relaxing. After your yoga practice you can enjoy a dip in the ocean, or pop on a snorkel and explore Thailand’s underwater world. The sights beneath the waves are as good as any trip to the cinema.

Tropical beach, Thailand 1.JPG

Thailand has so many beautiful places to do yoga. The Pimalai resort on Koh Lanta features a purpose built yoga studio, with all the comforts you could ask for. It’s the ideal setting for quiet morning sessions as we prepare to venture out for the day. When we’re out and about we’ll be practicing meditation in magnificent temples, or enjoying mindful walks in National parks. Each location offers its own unique atmosphere for our sessions, and together the diverse settings create a vibrant spiritual journey throughout our retreat.

Thale Noi lotus lake, Thailand (2).jpg

The Lotus Lakes are a real highlight. One of my favourite places in inland Thailand is the Thale Noi Lotus Lake, with its gorgeous colours and the traditional fishermen that you can see as you head across the water. There are different lakes around Thailand, but this is the one I know and love. We visit Thale Noi on every Thai retreat, and it’s just as breath-taking every time. Trust me, seeing it in person is a transcendent experience. 

Food is also a major feature of any visit to Thailand. Local produce like fresh mango juice, delicious spicy soups, crispy squid, ceviche, sticky rice … I could go on and on.  It is a country of people that like to eat: when you go to the market there are stalls of fresh street food of every type and colour. The smells alone are mouth-watering, and you can spend hours losing yourself there. The excellent fresh food also means your body is properly nourished, accentuating all the benefits of our yoga sessions. Good eating is almost as important on our retreats as yoga is!

Finally, there are the monkeys. You can see monkeys all over Thailand, and they’re always such a surprise and delight. I have seen them everywhere: as I was hiking up to a cave, wandering around a temple, among the trees outside our resort. If the prospect of your yoga session being visited by an adorable furry friend doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Thailand Monkey.jpg

That’s all for today’s blog, but there’s so much more about Thailand to discover. If you’d like to create your own Thailand story with us, click here:



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