Why you should join our Yoga Retreat in Peru

Fiona shares her history with Peru, and all the reasons it holds a special place in her heart


You should join us on our next Peru yoga retreat, and here’s why

As you may have seen, our luxury 7 day Peru retreat has been moved as Covid restrictions have made March too difficult. We are now running from the 12th to the 19th of November, and today, I thought I’d talk about how much I love Peru and why you should join us on our visit.

Peru is very special to me, because it's where my yoga journey began. A friend, an Iyengar yoga teacher, started teaching in her house before moving to a small community hall, and I started taking class 3 times a week. She took us through many sun salutations before working on our stance in traditional yoga postures. Going from a busy mind and life, it was lovely to find peace, strength and discipline in yoga. After these classes ended I would look for different classes in Peru, and try out many different styles. In all, I lived and travelled in Peru for 12 years.

Our Yoga Retreat is about more than just yoga though. It is a look into traditional life, culture and shamanic practices in Peru. Peru is a spiritual mecca, whether you’re visiting the jungle and participating in Ayahuasca, partaking in a mountaintop coca leaf ceremony, or experiencing a beautiful payment to Mother Earth. On our Peru retreat we will spend time with a shaman from the high altitude town of Cocha Mocco, part of the Q’eros nation, who will lead us through these very experiences. We’ll also participate in a beautiful Chakra meditation practice in our garden of the same name, cleansing and realigning ourselves with our guide. 

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Yoga will be held in the purpose-built yoga studio within the gardens. All equipment is supplied, but it's best to bring your own mat. The studio has a wooden floor and plenty of space, and our group sizes will be no more than 10. Yoga will not be every day as we have a number of local sites and places to visit, and if you don’t feel like a session, all the classes are optional. There’s room for everyone to pick their own pace during our trip.

On our retreat we spend most of our time in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a wonderful place to hike and trek.  Part of our trip will be spent exploring the local area, taking paths that date back to Incan times and are still used by indigenous people in the area today. Some people live far from the main road and these paths are a major form of transport for them: it’s not uncommon to come across llamas, alpacas and small Peruvian pack horses on our way. 

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Community is another large part of the trip, as we visit a small community school that is sponsored by our retreat centre. We’ll be careful not to disturb the classes as we deliver donations of school supplies, and only observe the work that is being done. Supplies are much needed in these small communities, and if you wanted to bring some from home we can help you make sure it gets to the right place. 

Peruvian cuisine is well known around the world, frequently winning prizes and accolades for its fabulous flavours, so naturally we’ll partake in a lot of delicious food while here. While at the retreat centre all the meals are vegetarian, and during our free time you can try any of the wonderful food and products that the area has to offer. Did you know the Sacred Valley has the largest corn kernel in the world and that Peru has 55 different types of corn? And that Peru has 4000 types of potato? That variety is what gives the country's food it's unique and diverse flair.

Machu Picchu is the most visited place in Peru and for good reason. Arriving in the ancient citadel you get feelings of times gone by; you can still vividly imagine the Inca people going about their daily business in those granite walls over 500 years ago. The site also has a very interesting climate and is home to many orchids, as it is situated in the brow of the jungle at 8,000 feet. It's one of the Wonders of the World, and with good reason. We have a great deal of time to soak it all up on our retreat.

Machu Picchu view from above.JPG

A wealth of archaeology sites lie on our doorstep too. While staying in the Sacred Valley we will head out to visit two iconic ones: Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Pisac was one of the largest Inca sites in the Sacred Valley, and at the base of the mountain it now has a wonderful market which contains a wealth of Peruvian traditional handicrafts. If you do a longer loop of the site you can see the remains of an Inca cemetery on the hillside too. It’s a wonderfully preserved Inca city, and walking around it is an absolute delight. Ollantaytambo is another great site. Ollanta, as it is fondly known, is one of the most impressive megalithic sites in the area with some stones weighing up to 67 tons. A walk up to the Temple of the Sun is definitely going to test the legs!

It’s hard to keep myself from writing endlessly about all the amazing sights and experiences that Peru has to offer. I can’t wait to return in November, and I hope I’ve convinced you to come with us. 

If Peru sounds like something you don’t want to miss, click here.

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