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Yin yoga has been high on the priority list, learning more. Yin is in.



It feels like it has been a long month. We booked flights to Ecuador for the 4th of December and promptly had to cancel them due to travel restrictions in Scotland which means for the time being we are in Troon. Fortunately, Troon is a nice town with a couple of beautiful beaches, we have also spent a bit of time in Shewalton Nature Reserve and on the Smugglers Trail which we take from Loans to Dundonald.

Walking on Troon Beach at sunset

Yoga Schedule

Yoga classes have been continuing with our current yoga schedule. Yoga for all on Mondays and Thursdays, a new beginner’s class on a Tuesday evening, Level 2 yoga on a Wednesday morning and Yin yoga on a Friday morning. We also attend a couple of online yoga classes participating in a Level 3 Iyengar class and an advanced Karuna (Iyengar Inspired) yoga and pranayama class. Definitely helps to keep the body and mind healthy.

Yin Yoga

What have we been doing with our time? I have started to write a Yin Yoga course so that we can teach Yin Yoga on a 50-hour teacher training course, this will allow other people to also teach Yin Yoga. It has so far been a wonderful learning experience as I have to go through all my books and previous yin yoga training.

For those of you that don’t know it Yin Yoga is a very different style of yoga with postures being held for a long time. I love a sphinx posture held for about 6 minutes, the freedom if yin is the complete release and relax in the posture. It also begins differently with pranayama and meditation bringing you in to a very still place prior to starting your practice which is important for the practice.

Principals of Yin Yoga

The 3 main principals or tattvas behind yin yoga are come into the posture at appropriate depth, resolve to remain still and hold the pose for time. The appropriate depth is to start at the right point don’t come in too deep and allow the body to release as you come into the posture slowly over time. Come into the posture and allow the body and mind to be still only moving when the body releases a little further. By doing the posture for an extended period of time it lets us release into the posture further.

Yin Yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities as it can be easily modified for anyone. Props are generally used a lot but that can be a pillow, cushion, books or even your own yoga bolster. They make some great ones in Scotland, just ask.

My journey with Yin Yoga began about 6 years ago as I was looking to do a yoga class and it was all I could find, I can say I didn’t love my first class, it seemed too slow for me. I did persevere over the years taking yin classes here and there until early this year we both completed our Yin Yoga teacher training course which was incredible. It not only gave me a better understanding of Yin Yoga but also of anatomy which was great. The other amazing discovery was meridian lines, using traditional Chinese medicine lines we can focus our yin yoga practice on particular areas of the body. I love it.

Smuggler's Trail Troon to Dundonald

Yoga Classes

If you are interested in one or more of our yoga classes let us know or check out our availability here. Yoga Classes.  We also teach private yoga classes which can be traditional yoga or yin yoga, whatever you prefer.

You can also sign up for private classes here  this is where you can also ask us questions about yoga classes or anything else really.

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