Yoga around the world part 2

We had a personal yoga retreat for 4 weeks in Athens and on the Greek Islands. Yoga everyday.


Yoga in Greece

Kalispera. We have continued our yoga, travel and eating journey around Greece for the last 2 weeks. We had a lovely home yoga retreat on the island of Chios (pronounced Hios) and a week on the delightful island of Ikaria, home of the Icarus story.

We spent a few days on Chios at the house of Mano where we had a lovely kitchen a 5 minute walk to a beautiful beach and a similar walk to the bus stop to the centre of town.

We weren’t convinced it was all going to work at first as a big part of what we do (yoga classes) has to be done online and the internet was not great unless you were in an exact spot of the house. We tried anyway and successfully ran yoga classes from Chios while also spending time exploring and travelling around the island.

Chios Island, Mesta and more yoga

Chios had some incredible sites and beaches. We spent a bit of time on the completely isolated beach of Elinda with its hundreds of butterflies, clear water, nice temperature and wee fish. It was a privilege to spend time here. We then drove to the next town which had been recommended to us the village of Lithi, known for its fabulous sea food restaurants, it did not disappoint. The beach here was busier but the restaurants were quiet and we had an amazing feast.

We continued on one of the few roads on the island and it took us to the town of Mesta, what a surprise that was. An incredible medieval town dating back as far as the 12th century. The town is part of the mastic villages and is also under UNESCO. It was one of the most amazing places we have ever been and highly recommended. Perfect day of yoga, food and travel.

Mesta Medieval Town


The rest of our time on Chios we visited local museums like the archaeological museum, another great visit, looks small but is actually super interesting and houses some wonderful pieces. We spent a fair amount of time doing yoga and also swimming, the morning swim has become a big part of like very quickly.

Another major highlight of our time on Chios was dinner. Mano the owner of our house gave us some of his own olive oil from his trees, my goodness how delicious, never eaten as much oil in such a small amount of time. He very kindly gave us some to take away so we are still enjoying that little bit of heaven.

Ikaria, yoga and swimming

We travelled by ferry from Chios to Ikaria and the port of Evdilos. The ferry arrived and we had a 10 minute walk to our new apartment that looks over the harbour and above a local restaurant.

The town itself is pretty small, has a few restaurants, a quiet port, 3 good beaches, couple of super markets and not a lot more. We spent most of our time not doing a whole lot here. Got into the habit of morning swims, morning yoga, big brunch, afternoon swims, sometimes evening yoga, dinner generally made at home and watching something on the internet. Been super relaxing. Its been delightful to watch the sand like flecks of gold through the water as the waves come in and out.

Hiring a car for a couple of days and visited the Theoktistis monastery that sits at the top of hill and is homed in the bedrock, really stunning. We also visited the hot springs at Lefdaka, some of the wildest hot springs we have been in. They are right on the coast so you get a mix of the hot water coming from the earth and the sea mixing in. Wonderful. 

Our time in Greece is coming to an end soon. I am writing while on the ferry to Athens for our last few days. This trip in many ways has been a bit of an experiment to see how we can have a lifestyle that includes yoga, food and travelling. Its been a learning curve but also shown us everything is possible. We have used apartments everywhere as it means we can cook, restaurants cut into the budget too much. We have taken buses, metro and on occasion hired cars. We have walked miles and miles and have swam a few miles too. We have had a lot of olive oil and olives and of course tomatoes. We have eaten salads, goat and lots of goats cheese. We have seen a number of different museums and interesting monasteries and churches. We have practiced a lot of yoga, iyengar yoga, hatha yoga and of course yin yoga. We have also been reasonably active on social media as Blu Kite Yoga. Check out FACEBOOK and also Instagram  I also think I might have broken my toe getting into the hot springs, oops.  

We won’t be moving here but it has been great.

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