Yoga Classes

Yoga has become even more important now as we search for some calm in these times of distress. We have free classes available, contact us.

Yoga Classes

I did mention that I was thinking about doing some free classes, I have started. If you would like to be signed up please contact us. 

Classes are currently, 18:00BST on Monday and 18:30BST on Thursday. Let me know.

Changing times

Things are changing so quickly it feels hard to keep up. At the same time everything is slow and I have time to do things.

I have been furloughed from work so I am using my time to look after myself and my family and learn new skills.

Yoga is as always important to me, now more than ever as it gives me some calm in a crazy world, its part of my routine. I love learning and this is the perfect time to learn, which is wonderful. It feels a real pleasure to spend this time at home. I cannot guarantee that I will feel the same in a few weeks but right now I am grateful.


I am also walking as much as I can. I had thought about starting to run again, but I am unsure as I am enjoying taking my time and seeing things I have never seen before. Normally I would be rushing from one place to another so I am really enjoying this change of pace.

Like so many people cooking and eating are also playing a bigger part in life, I have always enjoyed cooking and now is no different. I have more time to do it and if you can many of the butchers, grocers and fishmongers are offering a much less stressful experience of shopping than the supermarket. It is slightly more expensive, quality is great, service fabulous and you are really helping out smaller local businesses to survive this current situation.


Personally, I wanted to avoid the words Corona virus and Covid 19 but it is reality and we have to do our best to come out the other side. Smile at people when you pass them in the street, talk to people in the shops, remember all those people that are risking their lives so we can live. Life will change over the next few months, how it changes is up to us.


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