Yoga in Strange Times

Importance of yoga in the times of corona virus

Strange Times

In these strange times yoga has been given an even bigger place in my life. I have removed a social media app from my phone as it was causing a certain amount of anxiety and as I have more time I am spending more time on my mat. The class I attend has also moved to online and it was a fun experience as we all learn together to get used to this new normal.

Working at home

I like many already work at home and will continue to do so, in many ways my daily life remains the same. I am already missing the gym, I stopped going a couple of weeks ago so no swimming or sauna. My routine has changed.

I am having more baths. I didn't have time before so that's lovely. I have a number of essential oils and change them up depending how I am feeling. Yesterday was definitely a lavender day as I tried to make sense of all this new information that I had received from the news and social media.

Exercising in the house

My father is 77 and also attended the gym, we have bought him a kettle bell so that he can continue some of his work out at home. It is such an important time to keep exercising, anyway you can. Our immune systems need it and we do need to keep moving.

Hopefully we can come out of this time having learned, healed and spent time with people we love. I am deciding which one of many online courses I do. It might be a good time to master Spanish, its good, very good but I would love it to be great. I am also planning on offering a free online yoga class. I need to work out the logistics and will post it on the blog.


With this information overload meditation has also become a bigger part of my life. I meditate every morning for 20 minutes and have started to add 20 minutes in the afternoon as I no longer have to rush off after work I have time to add in a second session, it can only be a good thing. We have to look after ourselves, I feel like we haven't been for many years.

Look after yourselves and the people round about you.

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