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We continue our travels around the UK including a yoga retreat at Hawkwood



My yoga journey began almost 20 years ago in Peru where I started taking 2 to 3 Iyengar yoga classes a week. It really helped me at a time when life was quite stressful. It is a practice that has been with me ever since.

Seven years ago I moved to Witney and through my then job came into contact with our yoga teacher Ruth White. Ruth has been studying and teaching yoga for over 50 years and was a student of BKS Iyengar. We have been students of Ruth for 7 years now. The last few weeks have been a bit of exploration and a lot of time spent with Ruth and John White and therefore a lot of yoga and a lovely yoga retreat at Hawkwood.

Being Flexible

We arrived into the UK and headed straight to a small apartment outside of Carlisle where we spent a couple of nights. This gave us the opportunity to visit Hadrian's wall. The Wall dates back to AD 122 when it was a turf structure and the Birdoswald fort, which we visited was built around 130AD. It was a gorgeous day, plenty of sun and we spent plenty of time in the area walking. As we had internet access it was very easy to teach our normal zoomyoga class.

From Carlisle we headed south planning on visiting Liverpool. As often happens when you are travelling things didn't go to plan as our car broke down on the M6 and we ended up in a small town called Warton, population 2,000 and home to the USA Washingtons in the 15th century. After a night in a travel hotel and a very squashed up yoga class we got back on our way to Liverpool. Our little detour reminded me that we need to be flexible in life as well as yoga. 

Liverpool travels

We had wanted to visit Liverpool for a while as it always came highly recommended, we now know why. What a great city, we absolutely adored it. Our first real view of Liverpool was it's a proper industrial city which we love. We were lucky to have an apartment down the docks area which meant we could explore the city by foot.


Liverpool bus
The city of Liverpool has a number of really great museums, the Tate was excellent, loved the art. The World museum was extremely interesting, they have some incredible African art and puppets, Egyptian artefacts, an aquarium and everything else in between. Like many museums in the UK it is free to visit. Other highlights of the city where the Liverpool Cathedral, a stunning piece of architecture and of course the ferry across the Mersey as we do love a boat. Send us a message if you want to hear more or pick our brains about the city.

Lots of yoga

Next we headed across the country to the town of Witney where we used to live. We came here as Armando had a further yoga exam to sit and we wanted to spend as much time with our teachers as possible. I was also continuing on my 500 hour yoga teacher qualifications.

Being in the area meant a lot of visiting to different people which was lovely, some people we hadn't seen for a couple of years since we left Oxfordshire. It also meant lots of yoga as we went to class twice a week, taught yoga 4 times a week and also had a long weekend yoga retreat at Hawkwood and a yoga retreat, which was fabulous. Although we have been doing a lot of yoga at home it is so lovely to be taught, it resets your practice and pushes you more than you push yourself.
The focus throughout the weekend was corrections, lots of practice and a good helping of meditation and pranayama. I personally love the meditation and pranayama and find being in a yoga space lets me organise and focus my thoughts. Armando passed his exam so slowly but surely we are ticking the boxes.

Returning to Witney

Heading back to Witney staying with our lovely friend we spent a lot of time in yoga but we also fitted in some short walks, bramble and sloe picking. The last 2 weeks we have filled many hours with yoga as students and teachers, it has been inspirational, tough and relaxing all at once.

We have since returned by car to the town of Troon which is home at the moment. We have walked and cycled along the beach and are back to our regular yoga teaching class schedule. If you would like to join any of our zoomyoga classes please let us know and you can always follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with us.

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